SBI USSD Mobile Banking Services for Low-End Non-Java Phones

SBI customers who are having low end, non-java mobile phones, enjoy mobile banking services with SBI’s Unstructured Supplementary Services Data (USSD) service.

SBI provides the following features for mobile banking using USSD: Enquiry of account balance, Mini statement for the last five transactions, transfer of funds to other accounts in SBI, and Mobile Top up.

Who can register for the USSD mobile banking service?

All P segment customers of SBI who are having a Current/Savings Bank account can register for the USSD mobile banking service. Customers who are already registered with Application based/WAP based mobile banking service and who wish to use USSD mobile banking service will have to de-register their application /WAP based mobile banking service, to register for USSD services.

How to register for the SBI Mobile USSD service?

Initial registration: Through mobile.

The SBI USSD service is currently available for subscribers of Aircel, Idea, Vodafone, MTNL (Delhi) and Tata Docomo. For SBI customers to avail the service in their phone, they need to send an SMS to 567676. SBI will then send User ID and default MPIN number to your mobile via SMS.

Once you have the User ID and MPIN number, you can start using USSD mobile banking. To start the service in Aircel, Idea, Vodafone and MTNL (Delhi), you have to dial *595# and for Tata Docomo, you have to send an SMS “SBMBS” to 5616199.

You will soon receive a response “Welcome to State Bank Mobile Banking. Enter your user ID”. Upon entering the correct user ID (the ID SBI send to you via SMS), you will get the following options in your mobile

1. Enquiry
2. Fund Transfer
3. Mobile Top up
4. Change MPIN
5. Forgot MPIN
6. De-Register

Now you can check whether the user ID is already registered for application/WAP service. Press “Answer” and select any of the above option number and send. If the user ID you entered is already registered for your Application/WAP based mobile banking, you will get a warning message to de register the application/WAP based service (Option 6).

To use the service, you need to first change the MPIN number. You can do this by entering option number 4 and SEND. The terms and conditions will then be displayed in your mobile and to accept it, enter 1. Then you have to enter your old MPIN number and SEND. After that, enter a New MPIN number of your choice (6 characters/digits) and SEND. Then you have to confirm your new MPIN and SEND. Soon, you will get a response saying validation from handset successful.

Once your mobile registration process gets completed, you will have to complete the registration process at ATM/Branch.

Final registration: Through ATM/Branch

Once mobile registration is successful, you have to activate your service either through ATM or through the bank’s branch. For this, your primary account linked to the Debit card is being used. If you do not possess a debit card or if you want to enable an account other than your primary account, you have to visit your nearest branch.

At the ATM, after swiping your debit card, you have to choose Mobile registration. Enter your ATM PIN number. Choose Mobile Banking- Choose Registration – Enter mobile number – Choose yes. Choose confirm. Collect the transaction slip which says ‘Mobile registration successful’. You will also receive an SMS stating “Primary Account ‘xxxx’ registered. User: XXXnn.

What are the transaction limits in mobile banking using USSD?

For fund transfer/mobile top up, the daily limit is Rs 1,000 and the calendar month limit is Rs 5,000 per customer.

What banking services do I get with the USSD mobile banking?

1. Balance Enquiry/Mini Statement

For getting info about your balance, you have to dial *595# [Aircel, Idea, Vodafone, MTNL (Delhi)]. Tata DOCOMO customers need to send an SMS “SBMBS” to 5616199.
From the response menu you get, Press “Answer” and select (1) and then “SEND”

Again you will get 2 options as response. (1) for Balance Enquiry and (2) for Mini statement. To get Balance enquiry, Press “Answer” Enter (1) and “SEND”. To get Mini statement, Press “Answer” Enter (2) and “SEND”. You will soon receive info on your mobile regarding your balance enquiry/mini statement.

2. Fund transfer

Using this feature, you can transfer funds from your account registered for mobile banking to any account with SBI. Your payee need to have a account registered with SBI. Although the payee need not necessarily need a mobile banking service, SBI recommends mobile banking service to payee also.

How to transfer fund?

To get the transfer fund facility, you have to first dial *595# [Aircel, Idea, Vodafone, MTNL (Delhi)]. Tata DOCOMO customers need to send an SMS “SBMBS” to 5616199.
From the response menu you get, Press “Answer” and select (2) and then “SEND”

Again you will get a response menu with 3 options

1. Register Payee
2. Transfer funds
3. Delete Payee

You first need to register your payee. For this Press Answer and Enter (1). This is required only once for each payee. You will then be asked to enter Payee Account No. Type it and “SEND”. Type a Nick name (min 2 characters max 10 characters) and “SEND”. When asked, enter MPIN and click SEND. After validation, you will get a conformation message saying “Payee account with nickname xxn registered successfully”.

Now you can start fund transfer. For this once again you have to dial *595 # [Aircel, Idea, Vodafone, MTNL (Delhi)] and SMS “SBMBS” to 5616199 (Tata Docomo). From the response menu you get, Press “Answer” and select (2) and then “SEND”

The same response menu shown above will be listed. Now we have to transfer funds. So option 2 is needed. Press “Answer”, Enter (2), and click SEND.

Now you have to enter MPIN and click SEND. Now the option to select nickname appears. Identify the option number of nickname. Again press “Answer” and enter the option number of nickname and Click SEND.

Now you will have to enter the amount to be transferred. Enter the amount (maximum amount – Rs 1000) and SEND. When asked, Enter MPIN and click SEND.

When the transaction is completed you will receive a message ‘Rs xxx credited to xxx’

3. Mobile Top-Up (Re-charge for Prepaid mobile connections)

To start the mobile top-up service, you have to dial *595# (Aircel, Idea, Vodafone, MTNL (Delhi)) For Tata Docomo, send an SMS “SBMBS” to 5616199.

The third option from the response menu ‘Mobile Top up’ is what we required. So press ANSWER and enter (3) and SEND.

Now we have to give the service provider name for mobile recharge. So press answer and enter service provider name eg: VODAFONE, AIRTEL, IDEA, BSNL, TATA DOCOMO etc. click SEND. When asked enter MPIN and click SEND.

If the transaction is successful, the mobile will get a recharge successful message. You also get a message that ‘Rs nn received for Top up’. If the transaction failed, you will get a message that the entry has been reversed. The amount debited from your account for the top up will be credited back.

While recharging mobile via mobile banking, make sure you are entering a valid and correct recharge amount which is made commercially available by the mobile service provider.

What other things can I do with the USSD mobile banking?

Apart from enquiry, fund transfer and mobile top up, you can also do some modifications to your mobile banking service account. This include changing MPIN number (Option 4), recovering forgotten MPIN (option 5), and de-registering (option 6).

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