Samsung’s New Netbooks – N210, N220, N150 and NB30

Samsung introduced the latest models in its netbook range in Las Vegas. The Samsung N210, N220, N150 and NB30 boast long battery life, anti-glare screens and the quick-boot Phoenix Hyperspace operating system tool. The netbooks have some beguiling design features such as integrated hinges, smooth opening and Samsung’s ‘crystal pattern’ design.

The netbooks feature a low power consumption energy efficient 10.1 inch LED display with 1024×768 resolution with a mark-and-scratch resistant durable coating.

The NB30 also has the ability to protect its hard drive, should you happen to drop it, and is water resistant.

The N210 and N220 come with the Phoenix OS tool that can speed up their use with a web browser, as it allows web connection without waiting while Windows boots first.

All four have the Atom N450 under the hood, with the first two boasting 12 hours of battery life, the N150 boasting 8.5 hours and the NB30 11 hours.


Other featured applications include AnyPC remote access tools, which should make it easy to access its contents from another computer, and Phoenix Failsafe, which is designed to protect data from loss due to theft and track the unit itself.

“Featuring an elegant choice of designs, the Samsung N210, N220, N150 and NB30 lead the range with a pragmatic approach that takes ultra mobile computing into a whole new dimension. Longer battery life is an important issue for customers, and we are proud to deliver feature-rich netbooks that allow you to get wirelessly connected so easily and for such a long time,” said Seongwoo Nam, executive vice president and head of Samsung’s IT solutions business.

Exact specifications and prices have yet to be revealed, but all four netbooks are expected to be available early this month in most of EMEA, the Americas and Asia. [via]

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