Infosys’ Flypp Mobile App Platform to be Implemented for Aircel App Store

Aircel has signed a pact with Infosys Technologies to offer a range of mobile phone applications. Infosys will implement its new application platform Flypp for the Aircel Application Store.

Infosys’s Flypp is an application platform which will empower mobile service providers to delight digital consumers through a host of ready-to-use experiential applications across the universe of devices.

Aircel will be the first telecom operator in India to launch mobile application store that will cater the needs of the customer from all walks of life. Aircel Application Store will offer consumers a broad selection of most relevant applications to choose from in the most convenient manner be it through voice, SMS, GPRS or the internet on your mobile.

Most of the application in this store will be available free of cost but for higher level application there will be some cost. There will be minimal charges based on the application being used by user. Apart from conventional application like entertainment, weather, shopping, productivity, travel and utility, Aircel mobile application store will be available open for developers to develop new applications as well.


However, Flypp platform will not be an open platform for developers. Any new application developed by an independent developer will be his property but the Intellectual Property right of the application will be with Infosys Technologies.

“This application platform will democratize innovation. In future, it is not the in-house labs that will develop best-in-class innovative applications but it will be users in the society, citizen of the country and others who will develop innovative application. We have left that space for developers on this platform to develop new and innovative application, ” said Subhash Dhar, member, executive council and head applications marketing, Infosys.

“Flypp is a proprietary platform of Infosys. We are in the process of building norms for its usage but at present IP rights of any application developed at this platform will be with Infosys. We will share the revenue earned from the application developed with the developer, ” said SD Shibulal, chief operating officer and member of the board, Infosys Technologies. [via]

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