– Watch YouTube Videos with Friends in Real-time

SynchtubeEver want to share a video with your friend or family, but wish you were there with them to watch so you could enjoy the moment together? Synchtube solves this problem by allowing you to share a video in real-time in sync. Simply paste a YouTube link and create a room. You can share this room with others, and watch videos in real-time.

Synchtube allows you to share and discuss a video in real time with up to four of your friends. The first person to enter the room controls the playback and also has the ability to change videos.

The chat room places the videos on the left side of the screen and a chat area on the right. The first person to enter the room is the leader of the room. The leader can start and stop the video which will perform the operation for all users who are connected to the chat room. A new video can be loaded as well by the leader by pasting a Youtube url into the form at the bottom of the screen.



A new room can be created by anyone. All it takes is to paste a Youtube video url in the form at the Synchtube homepage to create a new chat room for that video. A unique Synchtube url can then be send to other users who the creator wants to invite. Rooms can be set to be private which makes it impossible for random users to join the room. Only users with the right url of the room can join.

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