Sakai CLE – Collaboration and Learning Environment – Download for Free

The Sakai CLE is a free, community source, educational software platform distributed under the Educational Community License (a type of open source license). The Sakai CLE is used for teaching, research and collaboration. Systems of this type are also known as Course Management Systems , Learning Management Systems , or Virtual Learning Environments .

Sakai is a community of academic institutions, commercial organizations and individuals who work together to develop a common Collaboration and Learning Environment (CLE).

Software features

The Sakai software includes many of the features common to course management systems  including document distribution, gradebook, discussion, live chat, assignment uploads, and online testing.

[advt]In addition to the course management features, Sakai is intended as a collaborative tool for research and group projects.

To support this function, Sakai includes the ability to change the settings of all the tools based on roles, changing what the system permits different users to do with each tool. It also includes a wiki, mailing list distribution and archiving, and an RSS reader.

Download Sakai Collaboration and Learning Environment (CLE)

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