Sajax – Open Source Ajax Toolkit Framework

Sajax (which stands for Simple Ajax Toolkit) is an open source framework developed to speed up the creation of Ajax applications. It supports major sever-side technologies such as ASP, Cold Fusion, PHP, Perl, Python, and Ruby.

Sajax is an open source tool to make programming websites using the Ajax framework also known as XMLHTTPRequest or remote scripting. Sajax makes it easy to call PHP, Perl, ColdFusion, IO, LUA, Ruby or Python functions from your webpages via JavaScript without performing a browser refresh. The toolkit does 99% of the work for you so you have no excuse to not use it.

Download Sajax

How it works:

  • Include the library
  • Initialize it and tell it what functions you wish to export
  • Setup your HTML (including the JavaScript the library generates)

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