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wavemaker_logoWaveMaker is a graphical application development environment. WaveMaker provides rapid application development tools for building web apps, such as order entry, project management and web forms.

  • WaveMaker studio runs in a browser. Applications built with WaveMaker are actually running while you are building them, making it much easier to test and debug web applications.
  • WaveMaker builds apps using widgets. The user interface of a WaveMaker application consists of pages and widgets that users interact with. WaveMaker applications includes two types of widgets: 1) form widgets – such as buttons, checkboxes, dropdown lists, grids and editors; and 2) container widgets – such as pages, panels, layers and tabs for organizing how to display other widgets.
  • WaveMaker data object widgets are powerful widgets tied to the database. After defining a new database or importing an existing database, WaveMaker automatically creates a data object widget for each table in the database. Data object widgets make it easy to build web forms that create, read, update and delete records from a database with no coding.
  • WaveMaker apps are event-driven. In a WaveMaker application, users control what happens by actions they take. For example, when a user clicks a button, chooses an item from a menu or enters data into an editor widget, one or more events are triggered. These events cause the program to respond, for example by navigating to a new page or inserting a record in a database.
  • Widget properties define behavior. Most development in WaveMaker is done by setting properties on widgets in the WaveMaker studio. Drag a widget onto the canvas to position it and then set properties on the widget to specify its behavior.
  • Widget functions extend behavior. Widgets also have functions that can be called directly using Javascript. This allows advanced developers to extend a widget’s behavior.

WaveMaker is useful for a variety of users to accomplish a variety of tasks. Here are several examples of typoes of users and the kinds of applications they can build with WaveMaker:

  • Analyst: a business analyst can use WaveMaker to prototype web applications and document requirements with no coding and no knowledge of databases.
  • [advt]Citizen developer: an developer with basic knowledge of databases can use WaveMaker to build form-driven web applications with no coding.
  • Business Developer: a developer with knowledge of Javascript can use WaveMaker to build rich internet applications quickly and with no knowledge of Java.

Download WaveMaker

Software Developer: an IT expert or packaged software developer with knowledge of Java can use WaveMaker to build scalable SaaS and enterprise applications

WaveMaker is a rapid application development environment that includes two components:

  • WaveMaker Studio: visual, drag-and-drop development environment that runs in a browser
  • WaveMaker Runtime Framework: runtime server and client frameworks that are embedded in the application created by Studio. WaveMaker applications are deployed using standard Java WAR files that can run in any Java server.



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