AJAX – Asynchronous JavaScript + XML

I have been hearing about AJAX technology for the last 3 months. I am very lazy, didn’t check it out for sometime. At last I did some reading during the past 3 weeks and thought of sharing with you.

Wow, AJAX is really interesting. The framework is really innovative.

But, we have been using JavaScript, DHTML, DOM, XML, XSLT and XMLHTTP in programming for so long. Then what is this Asynchronous JavaScript + XML, right?

Jesse James Garrett of Adaptive Path defined the term AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript + XML) in his article. This article defines AJAX, explains how it works and what is different here and a good Q&A section.

This Wikipedia title is the another good link collecting information from different sources about AJAX.

You may like the site Seattle Bus Monster by Chris Smoak, visit his blog for details.

BTW, Google recently released XSLT code, Google AJAXSLT. So we can expect a lot of new development coming up on AJAX!

The asynchronous technology using JavaScript and XMLHTTP had been implemented in Outlook Web Access for so long, though Microsoft did not gave any name to the technology and did not market this to the public.

I feel, AJAX at this stage may not suite for websites which drive traffic from Search Engines. AJAX or Search Engines at this moment do not follow JavaScript links for indexing. That is a drawback. AJAX does not support back button also.

AJAX is good for intranet web applications, especially for developing Rich Internet/Intranet Applications. Check out the site Backbase.com.

Quoting Backbase:

Backbase provides Rich Internet Application (RIA) software that radically improves the usability and effectiveness of online applications, and increases developer productivity. With Backbase you can build web applications with a richer and more responsive user experience.

Check out the demo applications at Backbase. Some of the demo applications gave JavaScript error in my laptop (Windows XP SP2 with IE 6)! This is another challenge with AJAX – browser compatibility and JavaScript support.

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