Roost – Social Marketing Platform for Facebook and Twitter

Roost is a social marketing platform for facebook and twitter. Roost is committed to building the best social marketing platform for individual professionals, businesses, consultants and agencies. Roost builds tools that save its customers time, increase engagement and increase the impact of social campaigns.

Campaign Creator suggests types of content to post and provides easy access to articles, blogs and other original content based on your industry and interests

Social Campaigns

[advt]Roost Campaign Creator lets you set up campaigns of any length in as little as 20 minutes. Campaign Creator will suggest content types such as shared links, status updates, quotes and questions. Build your personal brand with RoostBar, which inserts your brand above any web page links you share and allows anyone who views that link to “like” your Facebook.

Suggested Content

The Roost Campaign Creator includes content we have sourced on your behalf, to choose from based on your industry and interests. For example, if you are a personal trainer, you will be prompted to share articles on fitness and nutrition. You may also add your own feeds, such as your blog or other websites that you follow.

Roost Circles

A rising tide lifts all boats, so band together with employees, similar professionals or other key contacts to share content and promote each other. A REALTOR may invite appraisers, contractors, mortgage brokers etc. This circle jointly promotes each other’s businesses, making them all more effective.


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