PrivacyDefender Tool to Secure Facebook Privacy Settings

PrivacyDefender is an easy to use tool that automatically configures your Facebook privacy settings. All you need to do is select your desired level of privacy protection and PrivacyDefender does the rest.

With constant policy changes and unclear privacy settings, Facebook had many users leave them. Even now after somewhat simplifying the privacy settings, still users have to jump hoops to make sure every part of their Facebook account is protected and private.

PrivacyDefender uses a bookmarklet and Facebook application to put your privacy settings into a really easy to understand chart, so those that still find it too complicated to go and edit them may have a chance to easily restore their privacy. It also offers three different popular groups of settings for different levels of privacy. You can change your settings right from the chart with just two clicks and be done with it

Control Your Facebook Privacy in Four Easy Steps

  • [advt]Visit the PrivacyDefender on Facebook
  • Drag the grey button to your browser bookmarks bar
  • Click on the PrivacyDefender link to evaluate your current privacy settings
  • Choose what level of privacy you would prefer, and we’ll update your privacy settings


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