UnHub – Easily Create Personal Profile Bar / Link Shortener / Shrinks URLs

UnHub lets you easily create your personal profile bar, which displays all your profiles in a single URL, as well as your personal link shortener that shrinks URLs for sharing, displays value added statistics with the page, and includes a link to a personal homepage of your choice.

Social network aggregators do a great job of pulling in content from other sources to a single page. However, its goal is to “stay out of the way” of destination sites that specialize in a single aspect of your web presence. It never be able to replicate their functionality.

You can include any site in your UnHub, not just those sites up to speed with Data Portability. Aggregators are great at bringing content into a single place, but UnHub is about sharing multiple places at once.

Personal Profile Bar

[advt]UnHub profile bar which allows anyone to create a similar site for free. Your UnHub Profile URL directs others to your profiles, photo streams, channels, etc. with a persistent bar at the top of the screen. Instead of having to share numerous links to your various profiles, you can simply share your UnHub URL.

Your UnHub URL is perfect for email signatures or your Twitter profile’s “Web” entry. It’s for people and businesses.

Personal Link Shortener

UnHub’s newest service is a personal link shortener. Like others, it turn long URLs into a short ones. Your shortened links also include a bar at the top with a link to your UnHub Profile Bar, so people can see who shared the link, even if it gets forwarded along or retweeted.

The UnHub Link Bar also displays value added info about the page itself, such as number of Diggs, bookmarks on Delicious and clicks on bit.ly.


UnHub Link Shortener should increase exposure for the pages shortened and shared with UnHub:

  • Shortcuts on the bar make it easy to share the link on popular services (e.g., Twitter, Facebook, email)
  • Link statistics (number of Diggs, Delicious bookmarks and bit.ly redirects) add value for the viewer, potentially increasing the propensity for others to forward the link along
  • Link to the original sharer’s personal homepage increases the incentive for the sharer to send around the link in the first place
  • We made shortening links as simple as possible: just type unhub.com/ in front of any URL in your browser’s address bar and hit enter. This makes it easier for folks to share the page


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