Tangler – Create Live Discussion Forums

Tangler has developed a web application that takes discussion and community building to a new level. Its forums allow real-time, persistent conversation into which contributors can deploy rich media such as images, videos and flash widgets easily, and each topic is embeddable. Tangler is about lots of subjects, so you can have all your interests in one place. It also has useful features like being real time, easy video embedding and the instant desktop notifier. Its discussion forums are really easy to set up and really easy to use. Takes about one minute to create a forum . It is developed in lotta Java, Javascript and ajax.


  • Easy
    • [advt]Easy to setup and integrate
    • We host it for you (no download or install)
    • Easy to maintain
    • Easy to promote
    • Public or invite only forums
    • And it’s FREE
  • Sleek
    • Real time conversations
    • Great design
    • You customize it
    • Images and videos in the discussion
  • Social
    • User profiles
    • Add and follow friends
    • Private chats
    • Desktop notifier option
  • Embedding

Lets you and your users insert forum topics into blogs, social networks and websites, just like YouTube videos.




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