RemindMe Chrome Plugin – Set Syncable Reminders on Browser

RemindMe is a Google Chrome plug in that allows you to setup reminders while browsing and sync them between computers. RemindMe set reminders, so you wouldn’t get carried away with browsing, remind yourself of online stuff that you want to do later, job tasks that need to be done at a specific time, or just about anything that you don’t want to miss.

Moreover, you can set a reminder while browsing from your PC at work and get reminded while browsing on your laptop at home, because your reminders get synchronized securely between computers through the Chrome built-in “Synchronize My Bookmarks” functionality.

Install Google Chrome RemindMe Plug in

RemindMe extension installs an icon right side of your chrome address bar. Clicking on the icon will bring the popup where you can add reminders and an ordered list of the closest reminders is also shown. The size of the list is configurable through the links “0”, “5”, and “10”. To view all reminders, including any missed ones, click on the “view and manage all” link. You can then clear reminders all at once or only some, one by one. Clicking on a reminder will show its full details.

A reminder is set in two ways. Either specify “in” what time you should be reminded, say an hour from now, or “on” what time you should be reminded, say next week at 10am.

When your reminders get fired, a new chrome tab will be opened automatically displaying your reminding message. There you can postpone your work for an hour or a day or a week or a month or you can specify the minutes for which you want to snooze your work.


The number on the extension icon is the count of reminders that are either coming or missed. You miss a reminder if its time comes while your browser is not working.  If the color on the icon is green then you didn’t miss any reminders and if it is red then you have one or more missed reminders. Point your mouse over the RemindMe icon at any time and the tooltip shows the break down of the total number of reminder between “coming” and “missed” reminders. [source]

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