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Exclude – Ping your Blogs and Websites is a website, where you can ping search engines about your newest blog-posts or content pages. Pinging your pages help your content get indexed in search engines a bit quickly than the normal procedure and notifying specific servers about changes to your website. […]

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RemindMe Chrome Plugin – Set Syncable Reminders on Browser

RemindMe is a Google Chrome plugin that allows you to setup reminders while browsing and sync them between computers. RemindMe extension installs an icon right side of your chrome address bar. Clicking on the icon will bring the popup where you can add reminders and an ordered list of the closest reminders is also shown. When your reminders get fired, a new chrome tab will be opened automatically displaying your reminding message. […]

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MiniTube – Watch Video of Your Current MP3 Track in Winamp or iTunes

MiniTube is an mp3 plugin for Winamp, Apple iTunes and The KMPlayer, which can fetches you the video corresponding to the MP3 you are currently playing. MiniTune searches the video channels such as YouTube, Google Video, etc. for the video for the song you are currently playing. If a corresponding video is found, MiniTube displays the video for you in your Winamp player itself! […]