Real-Time Event Planning App for Android and iPhone – Download Syncuz

Syncuz for Android and iPhone combines maps, location data and messaging to enable groups of people to synchronize with one another when organising any type of event. From arranging a business meeting or a meal out to co-ordinating a skiing group, Syncuz puts maps and messaging on one screen so you can see at a glance where and what is happening.

Simply create an event, place the location of the event on the map and invite your “guests” from your contacts list. When they join the event (they need to have Syncuz downloaded) their location is shown on the map as a numbered map pin, visible on each of the “guests” mobile phones.  You can attach messages to your map pin for the group to see. No more trying to describe where you are and where to meet up, it’s on the map!

Download Syncuz for Android

Download Syncuz for iPhone

What it does:

  • [advt]Creates a map on your mobile showing the location of invited guests for a specific, time limited event such as meeting up for dinner at a restaurant
  • The map is shared by all those invited to the event and no one else
  • Each person is represented by a numbered map pin
  • Each person can leave messages on their map pin for the rest of the group to see (map pin goes from green to red so you know a message has been left)
  • Each person can pause location updates or remove their map pin at the touch of a button if they don’t want to be located/seen

Why it does it:

  • Helps organise events between 2 or more people
  • Removes the need to ring round to find out where everyone is
  • Shows where the event is (which may move if the bar/restaurant is full)
  • Cuts out the need to try and describe where anything is
  • A single message can be viewed by everyone
  • It’s fun, unique and useful
  • Map, message, meet – all on one screen

syncuz-screenshot syncuz-screenshot
Imagine a shared message board with the background being a regularly updated map of where the event is taking place and the map pins with messages attached being the location of each of the “guests” and you’ve got Syncuz.

While everyone’s location is regularly updated, each person’s privacy is assured by giving them total control over the visibility of their map pin. Location updates can be paused and map pins hidden at the touch of a button. The events are time limited, only those involved are visible to those involved and no data is stored after the end of the event.

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