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SpiderOak LogoSpiderOak is an online storage, backup and synchronization service. SpiderOak provides an easy, secure and consolidated free online backup, sync, sharing, access & storage solution for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux (Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora & openSUSE).


  • Access all your data in one de-duplicated location
  • Configurable multi-platform synchronization
  • Preserve all historical versions & deleted files
  • Share folders instantly in web ShareRooms w / RSS
  • Retrieve files from any internet-connected device
  • Comprehensive ‘zero-knowledge’ data encryption
  • 2 GBs Free / $10 per 100 GBs / Unlimited devices

SpiderOak Online Backup:

SpiderOak is the premiere online backup provider for consumers and businesses worldwide. Our secure storage solution provides state-of-the-art encryption, cross-platform support (Mac, Windows, and Linux), scheduled backup, historical versioning, and retention of deleted files for as long as you may need them. SpiderOak allows you to backup an unlimited number of devices and any data that resides in your view – be it a hard drive, USB drive, network drive (NAS), Server, Client, Desktop, storage array or CD/DVD-media.

SpiderOak gives the flexibility to schedule your backups whenever you wish – from automatically to every other day if you like. One of the main mantras of SpiderOak is ‘zero-knowledge privacy’ or, in layman’s terms, safety and security to the max.

The operation of a 100% zero-knowledge environment means your data is encrypted locally, transferred encrypted via a secure SSL connection, stored encrypted, and only decrypted once placed back on your machine through the SpiderOak client. SpiderOak can back up any of the most popular operating systems available today. Our service supports Windows, Mac OS X and Linux based systems – offering the most Linux distributions among our competitors.

With SpiderOak’s online backup solution – there is no need for you to worry about duplicate files or multiple versions taking up space. Due to our advanced data de-duplication, SpiderOak never stores the same block of data twice meaning your data stored on SpiderOak is done so as efficiently as possible.

SpiderOak Secure Sync:

SpiderOak has developed an easy, flexible, and secure solution for making sure all of your important documents, pictures, music, and/or movies are in constant synchronization among any number of your devices. Simply select two or more folders to synchronize and SpiderOak will do the rest by automatically getting to work in the background.

SpiderOak sync provides the flexibility to define any number of sync operations such that you can have one sync running between your Windows and Mac machines containing photos and another between your Windows desktop and external drive containing important business documents. To begin the synchronization process, you must first select the folders you would like to backup (or upload) to the SpiderOak cloud. Once complete, it is as easy as selecting any number of folders across any number of machines to synchronize together.

On the processing end, Sync algorithm works diligently to compare all the journals and the time-stamps associated with each synced folder and makes the smartest judgment on which file is the most recent. If one of your computer’s clocks forgets to change, you can always retrieve any previous version of any document and make that current just in case. At SpiderOak leave nothing up to chance and save everything for the ‘just in case’ scenarios.[advt]

The SpiderOak client watches quietly over all of your folders being synchronized within your SpiderOak Network. As soon as a change is committed, that change is immediately replicated to the other folders connected to this sync operation.

SpiderOak Easy Sharing:

The SpiderOak Share functionality allows you to distribute all file types (including documents, music, movies, pictures) with whomever you like in private ShareRooms. You can create as many ShareRooms as you need – reserving one for family members, another for colleagues, and a different one for each client. And SpiderOak does not impose any file size limitations or restrictions on what you can share – so share freely. SpiderOak share functionality lets you manage your shared files online quickly, easily, and securely – each ShareRoom equipped with its own RSS feed.

Unlike other file sharing applications, SpiderOak provides the flexibility to define any number of ShareRooms with the ease of a management console to keep track of what you are sharing with whom. To begin the sharing process, you must first select the folders you would like to backup (or upload) to the SpiderOak cloud. Once complete, it is as easy as selecting any number of folders across any number of machines to place in a ShareRoom. ShareRooms may be distributed by emailing out the secure link or by distributing your ShareID (public username) and unique RoomKey for that share.

In the background, shares are updated in real-time such that if you make a change to a document you are sharing or add a photo to a folder being shared, these changes are uploaded and available in the ShareRoom immediately for your guests to see. And each ShareRoom has its own RSS feed so visitors can follow along with any new items to enter.

SpiderOak allows you to password protect all your ShareRooms so that only the people you want to give access to your data can view or download your shared files. Each share room has its own private, secure URL so you can easily share them with only the people you want.

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