ZYB – Mobile Social Networking and Address Book Backup Service

Backup Address Book and Calendar

ZYB Technologies of Denmark, a subsidiary of Vodafone Europe, has started off as an mobile phone address book and calendar backup service in 2005. Using a phone that supports SyncML, you can backup and restore to and from their servers.

You can backup your phone contacts, messages, photos and calendar online. You can easily transfer all your contacts, messages and photos from your old phone to a new phone using this service. To backup contacts, you don’t need any cables or special equipment, and It takes only a minute. Your data is encrypted and stored on high security servers.

The ZYB setup takes only a minute on European phones. U.S. and other residents can still sign up and use the service, though and simply add contacts manually. Check if your phone is supported.

ZYB Mobile Social Networking

ZYB now provides a hub for all your online, social networking activities. You can create your personal network from your existing contacts in your phone.


With the new phonebook, you can create your contact hub and see where your friends are now on a map, share calendars and photos with friends, keep up with what your friends are doing online, and safely backup and manage your contacts, auto updates of contacts’ details. You can as well manage the contacts on your phone through a computer.

Using the status updates, you can see who’s free to talk, send and receive group texts, and leave messages / scraps on friends’ profiles. It aggregates activities and status updates from services like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. and share them as a feed with your friends through mobile phones.

Users have standard profile pages to add photos, comments, etc. And they can also text/sms in status updates which appear on their profile, and friends can choose to subscribe to those status updates via text as well. Read more at ZYB FAQ.

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