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Do you find it difficult to read Indian language websites? Are you fed up with installing fonts for each websites?

Even though Indic scripts are supported through Unicode by modern platforms and browsers, many Indic websites still use the old non-Unicode font base encodings. Without those proprietary fonts installed in user’s computer, those pages can not be rendered correctly. such websites ask the users to download their font and install in the computer.

Padma add-on for Firefox and Google Chrome assist you overcome this problem. Padma transforms Indic text between public and proprietary formats. Padma automatically transforms Indic text from proprietary formats to Unicode, so that user is able to review the page correctly without the proprietary fonts installed. The technology currently supports Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil, Devanagari (including Marathi), Gujarati, Bengali, and Gurmukhi.

Padma transforms Indic text encoded in proprietary formats (ex: dynamic fonts) automatically to Unicode. Padma also has support for transforming from ISCII and transliteration schemes like ITRANS and RTS (Telugu only). The output formats supported are Unicode, RTS (Telugu Only).

You can config Padma extension to transform a website automatically via the options page by adding the URI of the website and then save the options, if the conversion from the proprietary font to Unicode is supported in Padma. Or you can remove the URI and then save the options to avoid the automatic transformation to a specific page.[advt]

It currently supports the transformation from the following dynamic font to Unicode:

  • Bengali/AAADurga
  • Bengali/AAADurgax
  • Bengali/AAADurgaxx
  • Bengali/AabpBengali
  • Bengali/AabpBengalix
  • Bengali/AabpBengalixx
  • Devanagari/BEJA
  • Devanagari/Bhaskar
  • Devanagari/Chanakya
  • Devanagari/DV_TTWGanesh
  • Devanagari/DV-TTGanesh
  • Devanagari/EPatrika
  • Devanagari/HTChanakya
  • Devanagari/Jagran
  • Devanagari/Kiran
  • Devanagari/Kruti dev 010
  • Devanagari/Manjusha fonts
  • Devanagari/MillenniumVarun
  • Devanagari/MillenniumVarunWeb
  • Devanagari/Mithi
  • Devanagari/Pudhari
  • Devanagari/Shivaji
  • Devanagari/Shree_Dev_0714
  • Devanagari/Shusha
  • Devanagari/Subak
  • Devanagari/Ujala
  • Gujarati/Gopika
  • Gujarati/Vakil
  • Gurmukhi/DrChatrik
  • Kannada/Nandi
  • Kannada/ShreeKan0850
  • Malayalam/BWRevathi
  • Malayalam/Kairali
  • Malayalam/Kalakaumudi
  • Malayalam/Karthika
  • Malayalam/Manorama
  • Malayalam/Matweb
  • Malayalam/Panchami
  • Malayalam/Revathi

Padma can automatically transform web pages that use the above dynamic font schemes to Unicode. Configuration can be done by clicking on Tools->Extensions->Padma. The script in which the website should be rendered is also configurable from there. (For example, you can have the Malayalam newspaper Deepika rendered in Telugu).

Some of the websites that work with Padma are:

  • Eenadu (Telugu)
  • Andhra Jyothy (Telugu)
  • Andhra Prabha (Telugu)
  • Vaartha (Telugu)
  • Deepika (Malayalam)
  • Mangalam (Malayalam)
  • Deshabhimani (Malayalam)
  • Madhyamam (Malayalam)
  • Manorama (Malayalam)
  • Vikatan (Tamil)
  • Kumudam (Tamil)
  • Dinamalar (Tamil)
  • Daily Thanthi (Tamil)
  • Sakaal (Marathi)
  • Dainik Bhaskar (Hindi)
  • Dainik Jagran (Hindi)
  • Rajasthan Patrika (Hindi)
  • Amar Ujala (Hindi)
  • Punjab Kesari (Hindi)
  • Kerala Kaumudi (Malayalam)
  • Gujarat Samachar (Gujarati)
  • State of Andhra Pradesh (Telugu)
  • Kannada Prabha (Kannada)
  • Telugu People (Telugu)
  • Andhra Bharati (Telugu)
  • Hindustan Dainik (Hindi)
  • Abhivyakti (Hindi)
  • Anubhuti (Hindi)
  • Manibhadradada (Gujarati)
  • Rasik (Marathi)
  • Mathrubhumi (Malayalam)
  • Ananda Bazar Patrika (Bengali)

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