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MultiCopy is a Firefox add-on that allows copying multiple texts before pasting. It copies and appends text to the clipboard instead of clearing it each time. MultiCopy works best when you’re copy/pasting inside the browser, like from a web page into a Google Doc or comment field.

Once installed, just copy text from web pages in Firefox the way you normally would. Each time you copy something, it’s automatically appended to the clipboard and when you finally paste, you’ll paste everything you’ve copied since the last paste operation.

Download MultiCopy for Firefox

How it works:

  • Multiple copying will be saved in the internal Clipboard; when you paste the data in the Browser window it will be available sequentially, order in which they were copied.
  • To get all of the copied data available outside Browser (e.g. to paste in Editor/IDE) press Ctrl (or Cmd for Mac) ones in the Browser window. This is not required if copying is done with Ctrl + C (or Cmd + C). Separator used between data is a new line.


  • Doesn’t support coping images.
  • To copy data from text field in one web page to other use Ctrl + C (or Cmd + C for Mac) instead of Right click and “Copy” option.

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