QuickLogin – Login to Multiple Sites

QuickLogin is a password manager which lets you can login to multiple websitesto and store all your site passwords. QuickLogin file can be password protected, so that only the owner of a QuickLogin file can open it.

Login Accounts can be grouped so that multiple accounts can be selected in one click. Sites stored in QuickLogin can be launched in web browser and it will auto login using the stored username and password and now it supports Internet Explorer.

Download QuickLogin


  • Using QuickLogin, you can login to multiple websites in one click.
  • All your sites username and password are stored in a single password protected QuickLogin file.
  • It can be made to remain in the tray and the sites are easily accesible in a menu.
  • Sites can be grouped together so that multiple sites can be selected in one click.
  • QuickLogin files are encrypted using very strong encryption algorithm.

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