Prepaid Tariff on MTS Livewire/Mtag 3.1 Handsets

MTS MTAG 3.1 and MTS Livewire are two Android Smartphones launched by MTS. This offer is available to prepaid subscribers on Livewire/Mtag 3.1 handsets with a commitment of one year. Customer pays an amount of Rs.4999/Rs.5499 to purchase the handset upfront and in lieu, gets monthly benefit (in the form of voice calls, data usage, SMS) for a period of 12 months/1 year.
Prepaid Plan Details

Prepaid Tariff Livewire Smartphone M Tag3.1 Smartphone
Handset Cost (in Rs.) 4999 5499
Free mins/month for 12 months 150 (Local+National) 150 (Local+National)
Free SMS/month for 12 months 150 (Local+National) 150 (Local+National)
Free Data/month for 12 months 150 MB 150 MB
Tariff Validity 12 months 12 months
Call Charges after Discount
All Local & STD calls 1p/sec 1p/sec
SMS Charges after Discount
Local/National/International 1.00/1.50/5.00 1.00/1.50/5.00
Data Usage Charges 2p/10 KB 2p/10 KB

Roaming and ISD tariffs:

ISD Call charges
UK (F), USA, Canada, Australia (F), Europe(F), SEA(Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong), New Zealand (F), Germany (F), France(F), Denmark(F) 6.4/min 11p/sec
Indonesia, Australia (M),  Gulf, SAARC(Bhutan, Nepal, Pakistan and Srilanka, Bangladesh), UK(M), Europe (M), Italy, Greece (F), Algeria, China, Russia 9.19/min 15p/sec
Rest of World, Africa, Rest of World (islands)Norfolk Island, Cook Island, Cuba, Diego Garcia, Guinea Bissau, Nauru, Sakhalin, Saotome & Principle, Solomon Island, Tokelau, Tuvalu, Vanuatu, New Zealand (M), Greece (M) 45/min 75p/sec
Roaming Charges Any Network
Outgoing Local Calls Rs.1.00
Outgoing STD Calls Rs.1.50
Incoming Calls Rs.1.00

Details of Bundle Offer:

Particulars Type Base Tariff Rate Livewire Smartphone M Tag 3.1 Smartphone
Rs Worth Rs Worth
Free minutes – 150 per month Local + STD 1p/sec 90 90
Free SMS – 150 per month Local + STD 1.00/1.50 150 150
Free Data – 150 MB per month Data 2p/10 KB 300 300
Total FREE Value per month (in Rs.) 540 540
Total FREE Value For 12 months (in Rs.) 6480 6480

Details of Smart Packs (Prepaid)

1. Data Packs

Smart Pack Details Smart Pack 225 MB Smart Pack 600 MB Smart Pack 1.5 GB
MRP (Rs.) 107 193 402
Free Data (in MB) 225 600 1536
Validity 30 days 30 days 30 days
Charge after Free Usage 2p/10KB 2p/10KB 2p/10KB

For MUMBAI, MAH & GOA, GUJARAT, UP(E), UP(W) circle, the Smart Pack 225 MB is available at Rs.116

[advt]2. Voice & Data Packs

Smart Packs (Voice + Data) Smart Pack Plus Smart Pack Super
MRP (Rs.) 128 204
Validity 30 days 30 days
Free Airtime 7500(Local + National) sec 13,500 (Local + National) sec
Free SMS 125 (Local + National) SMS 225 (Local + National) SMS
Free Data (in MB) 125 MB 225 MB
Tariff (after usage)
Local 1p/sec 1p/sec
STD 1p/sec 1p/sec
SMS (Local/Nat/Int) 1.00/1.50/5.00 1.00/1.50/5.00


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