Planzone – Project Management Application for Companies

Planzone is a collaborative project management application that enables you to give a new role to knowledge management and document sharing within your company. With Planzone, you will be able to directly jump start in building your knowledge base, without any need to think first about data structure

With Planzone, create a unique workspace to plan your projects, manage tasks, communicate and collaborate with colleagues and partners, re-use and share project templates.

[advt]By using Planzone, you’ll love to see all your team members stop sifting through their mailboxes and share the project information and files in real-time over the Web
As Information Workers, all spend a great deal of time working with others on projects of one kind or another. It all have experienced the frustration of trying to collaborate with team members and manage our own task lists, email messages, files and schedules with basic desktop tools. It’s not working.

By mixing structured project management data with collaborative workspace technology, it merged two worlds and created a simple, but extremely powerful tool; a tool that leverages the power of real-time collaboration, structured business information and online networking. Planzone offers business professionals the ideal environment for almost any type of project work.


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