ADSCAPTCHA – Online Security and Advertising Tool

adscaptcha_logoADSCAPTCHA is a new online security and advertising tool that uses CAPTCHA authentication to spread branding messages while keeping consumers highly involved with the ads. Engage your audience with CAPTCHA ads Рthe ultimate advertising medium with the flexibility to target by country, language, keyword and category. ADSCAPTCHA offers complete multi-language CAPTCHA solutions, from free security-only CAPTCHAs, to premium CAPTCHAs featuring images and video.  It is the first internet company to use automated Pay Per Type technology to combine CAPTCHA security technology with advertising. [advt]A site owner signs up for ADSCAPTCHA and looks for advertisers to design a CAPTCHA with a particular brand or logo. With advertisers, site owners generate revenue from the CAPTCHAs on their site. An advertiser creates a CAPTCHA with a particular message (generally related to a brand or logo) and creates an ad campaign for a site owner to purchase.

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