Famundo – Web-Based Scheduling and Information Manager

famundo_logoFamundo is a web-based scheduling and information manager designed specifically for family use. It is hosted on it servers, so there is nothing for you to install. It for Families functions as the family hub, replacing your disorganized combination of wall calendar, refrigerator magnets, file folders, photo boxes and yellow sticky notes, eliminating the chaos and giving you control over your family’s daily life.

Famundo for Families includes a family home page, personal home pages and a public home page. The basic version of Famundo for Families is FREE, upgrade version is payable.

Famundo for Families also includes the following core components:

  • A Family Calendar to manage scheduling and coordination of the family and individual family members, and to integrate with community calendars.
  • [advt]A family-organized Address Book which integrates with the family calendar and other areas of Famundo.
  • A Message Board for notes and reminders of family communications with each other or to the outside world
  • A List Center for all family-related lists, including People lists, Planning lists, My Stuff lists, and Shopping lists.
  • A Family Library to centralize all family documents, photos, and bookmarks, and to provide a secure Family Vault for storing very important information.


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