Clinked – Online Project Management and Collaboration Platform

Clinked is an online project management and collaboration platform. It helps in file sharing, time management and communication features. It have integrated these with an easy-to-use wiki so you can truly create and share knowledge online, save time and boost productivity.

Clinked different from others by the factors:

  • Work on the same page with wiki-style pages
  • Use the same categorisation system for files and online wiki-style pages, link between them, and search for pages, files and folders across groups
  • Create wiki-style pages without learning markup, and link to other pages easily
  • Become a member of multiple groups and follow activity across users and groups with our user-centric design


  • Create wiki-style pages without learning markup
  • Share files and manage versions
  • Use group homepages as the starting point for a web of knowledge
  • Host discussions, post comments, give status updates
  • Schedule events and assign tasks
  • Manage member permissions
  • Select what group content to make public

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