Piictu – Talk with Friends Using Pictures from Your iPhone

Piictu is a simple way to talk and play with your friends from your mobile phone using pictures. You simply snap a piic, post it to Piictu and your social networks, and watch it get live picture responses from your friends and community at large. It is an influence-based photo gaming tool and community. Another way to look at it is as a powerful interactive social picture-stream generator.

Download Piictu for iPhone

You can also play, share and interact through pictures with the world, from your mobile phone.

Piictu 3 main things:

  • Everybody likes taking and sharing pictures.
  • Pictures in web 2.0 have changed from idyllic keepers of memory to active objects of interaction.
  • [advt]Snapping a picture is the simplest and most effective interaction from your mobile phone.

For the time being it have no intention of integrating filters. The main reason for this is there is a difference in how to see pictures form other photo sharing services. Piictu is not so much about any individual picture but how it relates to the other pictures in the stream. You will understand more once you get started. Picture streams are a recent phenomenon born out of the microblogging trend. Their basic manifestation is centered on the “photo reply” or “photo comment” and “photo challenges”.

It hyper-enable these types of interactions and make them social, traceable, sharable, manageable and gameable. The picture streams will play a big role in how people view and interact through pictures in their daily life.

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