Picozu – Online Photo Modifying / Retouching Application

Picozu is a great editor that allows to easily edit photos online and in browser, without having to install and then use complicated photo editing software or plugins. Picozu Editor is a drawing and photo retouching application built on Javascript, HTML 5 and CSS3. Picozu is a free online photo editing platform. There is no download and no program to install. Online photo editing is becoming quite popular with people that don’t want to or can’t afford to pay for a software package that they will own and that will reside on their computer. Sponsored Links Edit and save photos with online photo editing program.

It works in all browsers updated 5 Firefox, Safari 5, Chrome, Opera 10, Internet Explorer 9. Picozu has all the classic tools for photo editing : brushes, filters, layers, textures, tools for drawing, cropping, special effects, edit history. The aim of Picozu is to support brushes, filters, dynamic windows, HSL, CYMK, layers, actions history, batch processing, primitives, curves, complex polygons, texture rendering, cropping.

[advt]One of the best features of the Picozu online photo editing platform is that you don’t have to have your computer with you in order to edit and retouch your images. You can be on vacation, take pictures, and then edit them with the Picozu platform online. When you’re done editing, Picozu makes it easy for you to upload your images to Facebook, Twitter, and image sharing sites. You’re also able to save your images to a unique storage area on the Picozu servers, or download the image to your own computer or external storage device.  Picozu online photo editing program may be free, and it may be just a beta product, and not a full release, but the company that makes it needs to remove it and make some heavy changes before it’s ready for real-world use.


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