flauntR – Free Photo Editing Creative Suite with Unlimited Storage

flauntR online photo editor is a free creative suite of photo editing applications with unlimited photo storage, social network integration and a built in photo finishing service. There are vast collection of effects that can be applied to your images.

flauntR is  mostly available to edit when a quick touchup is needed on an image. flauntR does not currently allow for more advanced modification, but it does provide a great solution when trying to make an image look more professional.

The site offers several different tools including tools. FlauntR divides it’s image editing task into 6 primary segments:

  • (stylR) – gives a huge number of one-click effects, overlays and a new look to your photos.
  • (textR) – let’s you decorate your images with different fonts and background colors.
  • [advt](mobilR) – is an innovative feature which allows you to create mobile wallpapers from your images and supports a huge number of cellphone models.
  • (editR) – does the image editing and tweaking for you and has all the necessary features like cropping, red eye removal and various effects ranging from night-vision to pencil sketch effect.
  • (profilR) – as the name suggests, lets you easily create a profile photo which you can add in various social network profiles. Another service that can be used for the same prupose is Mypictr.

flauntR’s very robust Flash interface allows for some severe modifications. From adding text and graphics to cropping and resizing, flauntR gives some of the basic functionality of tools like Photoshop or Gimp directly to the user for free and online.


  • Free online image storage
  • The ability to create slideshows, galleries and print frames .
  • Online image editing
  • Direct posting to the most common social networks and services
  • Professional printing of photos
  • Sharing of images directly in flauntR with other users

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