Personal – Access your Private Personal Network

Personal is a private, personal network and data vault that allows you to organize, search and control access to your digital information and online identity. You can enter or import data once and use it forever. Instantly grant select access to trusted friends, colleagues and companies and turn off access with a click. Security and privacy are baked into Personal, and our revolutionary legal agreement makes you the true owner of your data.

Download Personal for Android

Keep your info in a secure data vault:

  • Create a private, secure vault and fill it with gems nuggets of reusable info that represent all the details of your life
  • Manage gems about family, pet, car, home, office, passwords, food preferences and more
  • Add only what you want you have control over what’s in your vault

Create your own private, personal network:

  • Create and import contacts to build your own network organically connect safely with anyone you choose
  • Grant and request gems securely on the go or send by email
  • Enjoy real-time updates across your network
  • Organize contacts in groups, events, or any context

A personal search engine for your life:

  • Always have up-to-date information from your data vault and from your personal network at your fingertips
  • Safely search all the details of your life like you search the Internet

Gemware It’s like an app store for your data:

  • Get everything you’ll need for your vault and personal network
  • Find and import community gems, which contain data that other Personal owners have published
  • Add empty gems to your vault and fill them with info about you and your life

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