Download SyncMe Wireless for Android

SyncMe Wireless is an Android App where you can copy, sync and backup your files over wireless home and workplace network. Synchronizes device folders [androidqrcode:]over wifi with your home computer, laptop, NAS device without any installation.

SyncMe Wireless will automate copy, sync and backup of your mp3 music, photos and documents over WiFi home or workplace network. Files may reside on the device SD card or internal memory. Sharing is enabled in your computer by right click the folder you wish to synchronize select Share\Share With and go with the instructions.

Download SyncMe Wireless for Android


  • Will not work with blank passwords, unless Windows is configured to allow blank password connections.
  • Scheduling is interval from the last run time, manually running a job, will reschedule the job.
  • This software was tested on variety of devices with Android 2.2, 2.3.x, 3.x platforms. No test whatsoever was done on Android 4.x (ICS).

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