Pixton – Online User-Generated Comic Strip

Pixton is an online user-generated comic strip. Without having to draw, people of all ages can share their ideas, opinions, and stories publishing them instantly to a worldwide web audience. Build and share comic’s strips in no time. The cool thing about Pixton is how easy it is to create a comic here. There is no drawing involved, all comic characters are created by choosing from the preset set of attributes and expressions, i.e. comic hair and skin color, height and girth, body parts etc.

Additional features such as inserting characters, dialog, props, symbols, and backgrounds, colors, flipping, rotating, resizing, zooming, scene cropping, copy and pasting expressions, props, and scenes are also available. Once you’ve created your first strip, you can allow others to expand your comic strip, while leaving the original intact. On the community side, you can share your strips with others, check out strips created by other users, rate and comment on comics.


  • Build comic strips and invite others to add to them.
  • [advt]Easy to use comic editor with lots of features.
  • Share your comics with others by publishing them on Pixton.
  • Embedding: Embed cartoon strips onto your blog or personal web page.
  • Subscribe to Pixton RSS feeds and get latest Pixton comics delivered to your feedreader.
  • Subscribe to comics by author or tag of your choice.
  • Browse comics by Recent, Most Popular, Highest Rated or Random comics.

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