YouCams – Instant Social Networking Chat Site

YouCams is an instant social networking chat site with many great features to enchance the chatting environment. Grab the code and use YouCams on your profile page or website. Members may grab the room list or hosted chat room code for use on their sites or profile page, that service allows site traffic instant access to an incredible chat experience.

You can add widgets from other websites to your profile and share them with friends. This option allows for endless possibilities of video chat fun. Registered members can watch and search YouTube videos in chat. You can even share the videos with friends online. See and hear your friends react to shared videos.

Grab YouCams Codes

  • [advt]Access and use of our Room List Chat Portal
  • Free website chat room hosting
  • Supercharge your website stickiness
  • Instant social networking for your site

Moderate A Hosted Room

  • It is free to create a personal or website room
  • Use “Create/Modify a Room . . .” to customize
  • Click user and choose to block video if needed
  • Click user and choose to block text if needed

Instant Social Networking

  • No software download required
  • Instant guest access and free registration
  • Visit many website chat rooms via the Room List
  • Video, audio and text chat live worldwide

Widget Fun

  • most embed code for flash widgets may be used
  • add music players to your shared widgets
  • add videos to your shared widgets
  • add games to your shared widgets


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