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Moo0 MultiDesktop is free virtual desktop software for Windows to work with multiple desktops. You can extend your desktop for a free multi-desktop environment to get more screen space with Moo0 MultiDesktop. It extends your desktop and supports more than one desktop with your PC. With Moo0 MultiDesktop, it is both easy and fast to work with multiple desktops in order to get more screen space. So if you are working on different tasks on different desktops than this free multi-desktop environment is just for you. As you can switch to another desktop without logging out from the

Users can select the hot keys to be used to switch between the desktops, but there is also a small navigation bar that floats on the desktop from which users can choose. It interface the navigation bar’s transparency could be adjusted, making it handy and not disturbing. Even novices who are trying virtual desktops for the first time can use this app with ease.

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The application interface is simple and intuitive. It dwells as an icon in the system tray, and you can also see the application by right-clicking on it displays a menu. It will let you create three additional desktops, and the desktops go by the names 1, 2, 3, and 4, this will prevent you from forgetting the names of the desktops you decided earlier. You can add new wallpaper to each desktop, thus make your desktop look more classy and different every time, which suits your mood. Adding new wallpapers will make each one easy to distinguish when quickly flipping through them.

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