Free Web Based Instant Messenger instan-t

instan-t express web IM is a free web based Instant Messenger which allows you to stay in touch with your buddies no matter where ever you are by letting you access all your multiple IM’s in just one IM window where you can chat with your friends instantly by just logging in on the site. You can just create a single Instan-t express account which lets you manage all your accounts and settings and through this same account you can log in to your IM clients everytime you log in.


It also has a video and voice chat in it and you can invite friends from different IM’s to the video conference. You can access this from your web as well as from your mobile.You can share pictures and videos with your friends, add/block or delete them, rename them giving them funny or cute names, show them your webcam, send songs and a lot more fun stuff can be done with this application. Instan-t express Web Based Instant Messenger supports MSN, AOL, gtalk, yahoo and ICQ.[source]

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