Pay Per Site Packs Tariff (Tata Docomo) for Email & Social Networks

Tata DOCOMO extends ‘Pay per use” to internet with the Pay per Site packs. The Pay per Site packs allow Tata DOCOMO consumers to browse endlessly through the site of their choice @ Rs. 10 per month only. These packs have something for the email lovers as well as for those hooked on to the Social Networking Sites (SNS).

Mail Packs

Pay Per Site Type MRP(Rs.) Validity (Days) GPRS free Usage
Combo Packs
Mail Combo Mail 25 30 500MB
‘Social Networking Sites’ Combo SNS 25 30 500MB
Gmail+GTalk Mail 10 30 200MB
Rediffmail Mail 10 30 200MB
Yahoo Mail + Yahoo Messenger Mail 10 30 200MB
‘SNS’ Packs
Facebook SNS 10 30 200MB
Twitter SNS 10 30 200MB
LinkedIN SNS 10 30 200MB
Orkut SNS 10 30 200MB
Nimbuzz SNS 10 30 200MB

How To Subscribe?

There are multiple ways to start using the Pay Per Site packs. You can subscribe through the channel most convenient to you.

  • [advt]Internet: SMS “INTERNET” to 52270 and save them as default settings. Use only tata.docomo.internet APN to access the benefits of the Pay Per Site packs.
  • USSD: Dial *141# and follow the menu options to avail the benefits of the Pay Per Site pack you wish to select.
  • SMS: SMS MYSITE to 141 and then you will receive all the available site options.


To subscribe right away, enter your 10 digit Tata DOCOMO Prepay Number:

If you have not yet saved the internet settings on your mobile, visit Tata DOCOMO InternetAPN from your mobile to get started or SMS “INTERNET” to 52270 to receive and save the default settings.

How to subscribe to combo packs?

Customer has to send an SMS to 141 to opt-in for any of the combo packs.

  • ‘Social Networking Sites’ Combo : Customer has to send MYSITE SNS to 141
  • Email Combo : Customer has to send MYSITE EMAIL to 141


To activate your Pay Per Site packs via USSD please dial *141# from the menu, or dial any of the following options given below for the pack of your choice.

Sites Direct Codes Sites Direct Codes Sites Direct Codes
Mail Packs ‘Social Networking Sites’ Packs Combo Packs
Pay Per Site *141*111# Twitter @ Rs.10 *141*120# Mail Combo @ Rs.25 *141*113#
Gmail-Gtalk @ Rs.10 *141*114# LinkedIn @ Rs.10 *141*121#
Y! Mail-Msngr @ Rs.10 *141*116# Nimbuzz @ Rs.10 *141*122# ‘Social Networking Sites’ Combo @ Rs.25 *141*112#
Rediffmail @ Rs.10 *141*119# Facebook @ Rs.10 *141*117#
Orkut @ Rs.10 *141*118#



You can activate the Pay Per Site packs by sending an SMS. Please SMS MYSITE <your preferred site> to 141 for direct access. You have the following options on SMS:

Site Activation SMS
Mail Packs
Gmail MYSITE GM to 141
Rediffmail MYSITE RM to 141
Yahoo! MYSITE YM to 141
‘Social Networking Sites’ Packs
Facebook MYSITE FB to 141
Twitter MYSITE TW to 141
Nimbuzz MYSITE NM to 141
Linkedin MYSITE LI to 141
Orkut MYSITE OR to 141
Combo Packs
Mail Combo MYSITE EMAIL to 141
‘Social Networking Sites’ Combo MYSITE SNS to 141

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