Tata DOCOMO Postpay “Diet Plan” Details (299, 499, 799, 1099)

Tata DOCOMO has launched the new aggressive Postpay per second tariff Diet Plans, with the claim that with these plans the customers’ bills would go from “fat” to “fit”, an assured savings due to its aggressive per sec plans. As part of the new plans, at 299 rental customer can get 36000 local seconds free (600 mins), and all local and STD calls @ 1p/sec.

With Postpay Diet tariff plan, there is no charge for Call Waiting, Call Forward, Call Conference and Missed Call alerts. There is no activation and retrieval charge for Voicemail. Customers with high usage pattern can also opt for other value based plans – Diet 499, Diet 799 and Super Diet Plan 1099.

With the Diet Plans, you will be charged only for what you use. If you talk for 12 seconds, you will be charged only for 12 seconds. All STD and ISD tariffs are also on a second pulse, and local tariffs are either 1 paisa / 1 second and 2 paise for 2 seconds.

With the New Super Diet 1099 plan, all local calls upto 2500 mins, STD calls upto 1200 mins and local person to person sms’s upto 5000 nos will not add to your bill at all. Your usage bill starts if you have managed to break these limits.

The SMS packs will not be applicable on – Friendship Day 2nd Aug 09, Diwali Eve 16th Oct 09, Diwali 17th Oct 09, New Year’s Eve 31st Dec 09 and New Year 1st Jan 10.


Diet Plan Postpay Tariff Details

Plan Rental Local call rates STD SMS
Tata to Tata Tata to Others Tata to Tata Tata to Others Local National International
Diet 299 299 1p/1sec 1p/1sec 1p/1sec 1p/1sec 60p Rs. 1.20 Rs. 5.00
Diet 499 499 1p/2sec 2p/2sec 1p/1sec 1p/1sec 60p Rs. 1.20 Rs. 5.00
Diet 799 799 1p/2sec 1p/2sec 1p/1sec 1p/1sec 60p Rs. 1.20 Rs. 5.00
Diet Super 1099 1099 All Local, STD and person to person local SMS tariffs would be at 0 paisa till the limit of 2500 local mins, 1200 STD mins and 5000 local SMS per month. Tariffs thereafter will be 1p/2sec on Local calls, 1p/1sec on STD calls and 60 paisa for local person to person SMS. Rs. 1.20 Rs. 5.00

Tata to Tata includes all calls made to Tata DOCOMO, Tata Indicom mobile and Virgin mobile, and Tata to Others includes all calls made to all other mobiles and fixed line.

Tata DOCOMO has simplified their Postpay Plans and you now have the flexibility to customize your postpay tariff plan to suit your varied usage patterns. You have the freedom to ‘MAKE YOUR OWN PLAN’:

  • There are 3 standard FREE toppings. 200 local mins / 150 local mins STD / 500 local person to person sms.
  • With Diet 299, you can take three (3) Free Toppings in any combination.
  • Under Diet 499, you can take six (6) Free Toppings in any combination.
  • Under Diet 799, you can take ten (10) Free Toppings in any combination.

For example, with Diet 299 Plan, you can have one combination of the three toppings as 200 Local Free Minutes, 150 STD Minutes & 500 Local SMS’s. Or the combination can be two toppings of the 200 Local Free Minutes (i.e. 400 local minutes) and one topping of 150 STD Minutes. Another example can be as 1 topping of local 200 minutes and 2 toppings of 150 STD minutes Or the combination can be all 3 toppings of 200 minutes, totaling to 600 local minutes. You can customize the toppings according to your needs.

ISD calls are 11 paise per second to USA, Canada, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Hong Kong and Fixed lines of UK, New Zealand and Australia. ISD tariff is 17 paise per second to Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Japan, China, Yemen, Mauritius, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Seychelles, Bahrain, UK Mobile-1 and Australia Mobile.

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