Panabee – Search Engine for Domain Names, Mobile App, Blog Names is a new search engine that helps users find catchy domain names, mobile app names, and blog names. After a user seeds Panabee with a key word, Panabee acts like a brainstorming partner that displays ideas from all over the web, from Google translations to related words to alternate domain endings. Panabee also simulates word association via Facebook and Twitter.

Although many domain registrars have domain-name spinners that offer similar capabilities, Panabee’s specialty is in providing suggestions and phonetic variations of the domain name/phrase you’re interested in by querying Facebook, Twitter and the Web.


  • Simplest way to brainstorm names for domains, blogs, and mobile apps
  • See many ideas with one click — translations, phonetic variations, related terms, and more
  • Conveniently buy domains with your favorite registrars

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