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PageNest is free offline browser that can copy your favorite webpages to hard disk with PageNest. Give PageNest the address of a website and it will copy either the page or the entire site (whichever you prefer) to your hard disk. It will create an exact copy of what you see in your browser including the text, html, images and css.

Use PageNest to create a ‘cache’ of pages you read regularly. Use PageNest to store copies of websites so you can read them when you are not connected. Use PageNest to archive sites before they change or disappear.

Download PageNest 

As the free version of a commercial product it is guaranteed free of spyware, viruses and other malicous code.

  • Keep a permanent copy of useful websites – use PageNest to copy websites and pages to hard disk before they disappear from the internet.
  • Fast multithreaded downloading engine. PageNest can download up to forty files at once to make the best use of your connection download pages as quickly as possible.
  • Designed to be easy to use. PageNest includes many unique features to make you life easier. For example, the clickable list of recent downloads, buttons to move between sites in a single click, and a range of sensible defaults so you rarely need to change many settings.
  • Download once, browse anywhere. PageNest converts all links withing the site to ‘relative’ links. All files are saved to your hard disk as standard html, jpeg, etc files. You can browse the sites either within PageNest or from your favorite browser. Because they are ordinary files, you can, for example, copy them to a laptop and take them with you to view when away from an internet connection.
  • Download any file type: html, shtml, php, asp and any other file type will be downloaded correctly by PageNest and given the correct extension so it is usable on your computer.
  • Still stuck on dial up? PageNests long history means it has many useful features for dial up users, at a time when newer competitors assume you are on broadband: PageNest downloads sites quickly and the sites can be browsed without an internet connection, saving you time and money; It’s unique ‘Dial Protection’ prevents whatever browser you use from attempting to open a dial up connection unless you let it; You can also set PageNest to automatically dial a connection and hang up afterwards.

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