SlimComputer – System Optimization Tool

SlimComputer is a system optimization tool with a twist: instead of downloading information about installed items from online databases, it makes use of user ratings from the Slimware Utilities community.

It help you keep your system in perfect shape: with the scan you can search for unnecessary applications, toolbars, startup items and shortcuts; the Optimizer and Uninstaller tools help you get rid of any elements that might be slowing your computer down; and finally the Windows Tools include a bunch of native Windows system analysis and optimization tools, though presented in a much more organized and attractive way.

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SlimComputer also has some nice configuration settings that will allow you to toggle alerts, schedule scans and set the threshold for how aggressively the app scans your computer. Besides some very minor flaws, SlimComputer is a nicely designed, efficient optimization tool with a lot of potential.

[advt]SlimComputer features an eye-catching nice interface design with bright colors, big animated icons and easy menus. Scans are fast and effective, and user ratings can be really helpful when trying to decide if you should get rid of a certain item though unfortunately some programs still don’t have ratings. As SlimComputer always gives you the opportunity to rate items, though, the number of unrated programs should drop consistently.

SlimComputer’s installer includes a fully portable installation for a USB drive, a nice touch since SlimComputer is great for helping out technophobic friends. You can also install the portable version from the program’s Settings, including a scheduler, updates, and logs.

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