Nigerian SMS Scam in Mumbai, Lose 5 Lakh Rupees

Nigerian Scam has been around and spread via email for quite sometime. There have been cases where a few people got arrested in Mumbai a year ago. Now, they have gone a step further to spread vis SMS.

The victims of such an Nigerian SMS scam reported that they received am SMS similar to the one that the income tax official had received last month, saying they had won a cash prize and were asked to pay Rs 5 lakh each to claim it. The police had arrested Okuwzor, a Nigerian national, who had come to Mumbai from Delhi to collect another Rs 10 lakh from the victim for further processing of documents to claim the prize.


After the arrest of Okuwzor, the police learnt about the involvement of four others, including a woman. The arrested accused and the four wanted in the fraud are Nigerian nationals. Okuwzor claimed to be a marketing representative with the Nigerian high commission at New Delhi. He succeeded in getting Rs 5.6 lakh from the victim in four instalments on the pretext of processing documents and securing other clearances from the UK government. The victims had even took loans to pay Rs 5 lakh. The Nigerian scam team got the cellphone numbers through a direct sales agent (DSA) whom the accused paid a commission.

The police, with the help of IT experts, managed to crack Okuwzor’s mail ID and found detailed information about several people who might have fallen prey to the SMS. [source]

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