SMS Tips to Quit Smoking – MY LIFE <Your Mobile Number> to 56677

Live Life More Foundation launched the unique programme of sending free SMS tips to help people who want to quit chewing tobacco or smoking but are finding it hard to drop the addiction.

According to the Foundation, “Because of the use of highly addictive compound nicotine in tobacco, its users are not able to quit it easily. Smoking pushes around 4,000 chemicals inside the body, which also include many cancer causing ingredients.”

Anyone can enrol himself or his relative in this programme by sending an SMS by typing My Life followed by mobile number to 56677. Then the Foundation will send you free SMS tips on how to quit and why to quit smoking for the next six weeks. You can reach the Foundation at 9815502203 also or visit their website at


  1. I smoked for as long as I can remember and kicking the habit was very hard. I bought all of the stopping tricks but not one did any good. Then I saw the electric cigarette. The electric cigarette uses a nicotine juice that holds just nicotine. No toxic chemicals at all. They have completely saved my life.

  2. I had tried sending MY LIFE MYCELLNUMBER to 56677, and it got accepted. But I did not receive any tips yet. May be, they would have sensed that I don’t smoke 😛 smart guys!

  3. Your tips service on quit smoking doesnt work. I tried sending message MY LIFE to 56677, but i got negative response twice.


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