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Nigerian Email “419” Scam – Nigerian National Arrested in Kerala

A Nigerian was arrested in Kerala in connection with a 419 scam (Advance-fee fraud) or the Nigerian email scam. The scam had its origin in an email that the victim received in February 2008, informing that he had been nominated to inherit a rich fortune (15 million US Dollars) by a millionaire. After an exchange of emails, he had been asked to send €29,500 through Western Union Money Transfer as fees for the attorney to help with this money transfer. […]

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Nigerian SMS Scam in Mumbai, Lose 5 Lakh Rupees

Nigerian Scam has been around and spread via email for quite sometime. There have been cases where a few people got arrested in Mumbai a year ago. Now, they have gone a step further to spread vis SMS.

The victims of such an Nigerian SMS scam reported that they received am SMS similar to the one that the income tax official had received last month, saying they had won a cash prize and were asked to pay Rs 5 lakh each to claim it. […]