Neembuu Uploader – Uploads Files to Multiple File Hosts

Neembuu Uploader is a free and open source Java application that uploads files simultaneously to multiple file hosts and lets you manage the download and delete URLs. It uploads to multiple sites simultaneously with just the amount of controls positioned at right place blending simplicity and convenience. Everything happens so transparently so file uploading and File sharing will never be such a hassle again. Now you can upload one page and working on another without crashing the browser.

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  • Drag n Drop: Just start Neembuu Uploader and drag some files and throw them into the window. Traditional select button is also there.
  • Set Uploading limit: If you have a fast internet connection, you can increase the maximum number of uploads limit. This change will be saved and you will never have to set it for every launch. By default this has been set to 2.
  • Login support: If you have an account for a filehost, you can provide the details to Neembuu Uploader by during first launch or later from the Accounts feature. The details are stored in encrypted format.
  • Copy/Goto/Export multiple URLs at once: After uploading is finished, You can select single or multiple rows and right click to trigger the popup menu. Then you can copy multiple download or delete urls, open the urls in a browser or export them into a HTML page.
  • Upload History: The list of files you have uploaded can be managed from the Upload History button. You can also clear that list or select some rows and export them as HTML page.
  • Saves Queued files on Exit: While exiting Neembuu Uploader, it saves the queued files so you can upload them later on the next launch. It also saves the selected hosts and maximum upload limit so you needn’t select them again and again.
  • Delete links: Apart from download links, some sites provide delete links to delete the files. Say you are sharing a confidential file. After your recipient downloads it, you might want to delete it.
  • [advt]Change the order of upload: Once you add files to the queue or while uploading, if you feel like changing the order of uploading files, you can do so by selecting the row(s) and clicking one of the four buttons Move to Top, Move Up, Move Down, Move to Bottom.
  • Portable and CrossPlatform: Neembuu Uploader does not have a setup. You just copy the folder to any other pc. The same Neembuu Uploader copy can run on any OS with Java in it.
  • Update Notification: You don’t need to check back the site for updates. Neembuu Uploader will let you know. It’ll show you a notification and a list of new features if it releases a new version. Just keep using Neembuu Uploader.

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