Download System Information X – Free Tool to Deliver Detailed System Information

System Information X is a small, free and portable tool which can quickly deliver some detailed information about the PC on which it’s being run. And in some cases this does at least appear to be very detailed. System Information X doesn’t only tell you which processor is on a system, for instance. It also displays more than 70 features of CPUs and lets you know which are available in this particular case.

And you also get information on many other aspects of your system RAM, motherboard, graphics card, monitor, storage devices, audio, network interfaces and more – all conveniently displayed in an Explorer-type tree view. Which can then be conveniently saved to a report for easy viewing later.

Download System Information X

[advt]All this sounds great, until you take a closer look, when a few problems emerge. On Its test system, for instance, System Information X couldn’t figure out how much RAM our graphics card had. It didn’t recognise many of our connected USB devices, incorrectly flagged some of our CPU features and didn’t include any software-related information at all.

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