Create Free Private P2P File Sharing Network – GigaTribe

GigaTribe is a free software that lets you create your own personal P2P file sharing network that you can use to share large files and folders with your friends. Your P2P network is completely secure, and only your friends can access the files and folders that you share. Your personal P2P network created with GigaTribe will support resumption of interrupted downloads, encrypted file sharing process, and sharing unlimited files and folders with no file size restriction.

Download GigaTribe


  • It resumes interrupted downloads.
  • The files are stored locally in your computer, and not on some server, so you have complete control on the files.
  • The file transfer process is completely encrypted.
  • [advt]You can invite up to 500 friends to your private P2P network.
  • There is no restriction on number of files that can be shared, or file size.

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