MTNL Launches IPTV and Video Phone Calling Services in Mumbai

MTNL has partnered with Aksh Optifibre to offer 100 interactive personalised television channels (IPTV) and video phone calling services in Mumbai.

Aksh-Tel, Aksh Optifibre’s interactive personalized television delivers TV programming, which comes with a high quality reception and several add on features like time-shift television, video on demand etc..

V Spyk launched by Aksh is a real time video-phone calling service between two users. Both the services are easily available to all MTNL broadband subscribers. [via tm]

The services costs Rs 499 per month, which includes IPTV, VOIP and 50 free calls and 50 MB broadband services. MTNL has scheduled to launch mobile TV very soon. MTNL would also offer interactive education and e-shopping on its IPTV platform shortly.

But TRAI says that MTNL is a basic service operator and cannot offer value-added services like IPTV. MTNL would have to first spend around Rs 400 crore to obtain a Universal Access Service Licence (UASL) and only then announce plans for value added services. [via mynews]

Tata, Reliance and Bharti Telecom are the other companies that provide IPTV service.

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