MiniTube – Watch Video of Your Current MP3 Track in Winamp or iTunes

When you are playing an album in Winamp, Apple iTunes or KMPlayer, you would have wondered whether you can view the video corresponding to the song as well. Here comes MinTube – a plugin for Winamp, Apple iTunes or The KMPlayer – which searches the video channels such as YouTube, Google Video, etc. for the video for the song you are currently playing. If a corresponding video is found, MiniTube displays the video for you in your Winamp player itself! Sounds great, right!

MiniTube is an mp3 plugin for Winamp, Apple iTunes and The KMPlayer, which can convert your MP3 album into a music video album. Internet connection speed of 512kbps or better is preferred for better performance. You can download MiniTube at


This pluin is written by Sanchit Bhatnagar “San” (san at toufee dot com). He has given some tips to improve performance of the video.

To search for the matching video file, MiniTube needs as much as information (ID3V1/2 info) about the MP3 song. There parameters are used fo searching the video sites for the exact match of the song being played. To get better video search results, you need to enable auto tagging. Follow the instructions, given by San.

In Winamp’s playlist, select the songs you want to enable better MiniTube. Right click on the selected items and and click on send-to and selecte auto-tag. This option automatically updates mp3 files with other album parameters from the web, which can yield better video search on the video sites.

If you have closed the MiniTube window in Winamp, you can open it again by selecting Play as music video (songreference)! from the playlist popup menu.

You can as well update the MP3 song information manually by pressing Alt+3.

In case the video and audio doesn’t synchronize, try toggling the Lip-Sync menu at the bottom of the video player.

Watch the video to see how to install and use MiniTube.

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