Songbird Portable – Download Portable Media Manager and Player

songbird logoSongbird Portable is a feature-rich media manager and player with easy-to-navigate media library and a long list of supported devices. It supports audio, video, and photo sync, and can import or export to or from iTunes. It supports many more devices than iTunes, a much longer list of audio formats, and can use skins to change the look and feel.

Add-ons are available to extend features with several default and downloadable tools including CD-Rip, concert lookup for artists, lyrics, music store and both Quicktime and Windows Media Video formats.

Songbird allows you to customize your player , It is packaged as a portable app, so you can take your personal music library wherever you go.


  • Media Importing/Exporting
  • Library Files Organization[advt]
  • Watch Folders
  • Library Management
  • Smart Playlists
  • Album Artwork
  • Multi-language Support
  • Developer Support
  • Media Playback

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