Manipur Government Launches Mobile Info Service for Pensioners

The first mobile-based service of the government of Manipur, an SMS based information service for the pensioners of the state has been launched by the chief secretary. The service which has been launched as part of the state government`s plan to harness the power of the mobile technology for effective delivery of mobile based Government to Citizen (G2C) Services will help in reducing time spent on queries for bank and Treasury staffs and pensioners would have to spend less time in queues.

The greatest irritant of the pensioners which is find a way of knowing whether their pension advice has reached the bank or not and the renewal of photographs once in six months will also be simplified by the SMS based information delivery, as the pensioners can confirm these information through a text message sent from their mobiles to the banks and treasury.

The government of Manipur recognizing the potential of mobile technology in the delivery of services to citizens and had proposed to introduce mobile-based Governance, usually termed as M-Governance, for delivery of services to the citizens.


The pensioner will dial a prefixed number followed by the pension number and a return SMS on the status of the pension advice would be sent back to the pensioner. Intimation of dates of photo renewal of pensioners will also be carried out in a similar way.

The service will later on graduate to Push method whereby the service would further be enhanced to broadcasting of dispatch of pension advice to the banks to all registered pensioners. [pr]

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