Make Conversations on Web/Autopost to Twitter, Facebook, Buzz – Amplify

Amplify’s goal is to make conversations on the web more enjoyable and it is web’s best place for conversation. Amplify lets you show people exactly what you’re reading and what you have to say about it. Instantly share clips from articles, blog posts or anything else you read with your friends on Twitter.

There are several important differences for amplify, but the key distinction is that while 140 characters is typically enough for posting an update, having a real conversation often requires more.

[advt]Another differences is that some of the best conversations often involve people who aren’t already in your real life circle of friends.

It is as a meta-dashboard for all your information sharing needs

You can use Amplify to autopost to Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Google Buzz, Tumblr, Posterous, WordPress and more.

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